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Our new website

We have published our new website - in a domain www.comel.pl The main goal was to adapt the site to the needs of users of new technologies. The webpages are responsive, that is, they adjust in response to the size of the screen / device on which they are displayed, while maintaining readability of content. Using this opportunity, we have enhanced previously available information about our offer - it is by far not the common knowledge that COMEL besides engaging in trade, also manufactures its own products and also provides engineering services and even conducts research in the area related to power quality. The next task - filling the site with more contents, and ......  attracting our customers to the new source of information!

Cacti have bloomed!

Cacti have bloomed beautifully. Flowers can be admired only for a few days, but it is a sight worth waiting for!

Our Ford Transit delivers!

Many of our customers like to come to Comel so they can look at and examine the products they want to buy. But equally large group of buyers appreciates the fact that the ordered goods can arrive at their door. Our van Ford Transit operates every day, although obviously can not be everywhere at once. At the same time, it acts as a "shuttle" between warehouses in our branch offices in Gdansk, Gdynia, and Rumia.