Frequency Converters - Your solution for Shore Power Supply

Frequency Converters COMEL300

Over half of all existing and newly built ocean-going vessels use on board energy networks of 440V (690V or more) voltage and 60Hz frequency. COMEL frequency converters transform available 50Hz shore electric grid energy to the energy of required voltage, frequency and power. Long time experience acquired through the use of our converters at various shipyards and ports confirms their suitability in harsh working conditions. COMEL offers full range of converters starting from low power units of a few kVA to high power systems in MVA area, like recent COMEL1000 (1000kVA) designed to supply 60Hz power to a shipyard grid.


Economy & Ecology

Shore-to-ship electric energy supply brings big savings. Cost of energy produced using diesel generating sets exceeds  cost of power from onshore grid multiple times. The more energy you need, the more money you can save. In addition, cumbersome logistics associated with frequent fuel tank re-filling and compulsory regular diesel engine maintenance breaks are eliminated.

Exhaust gases emitted by ships into the atmosphere contribute heavily to environmental pollution in port cities. Periods of shipyard stays for repairs generate an additional amount of carbon dioxide and other dangerous gases. The use of frequency converters reduces the negative impact of vessels on our environment, and is being introduced as a new standard in force in the EU.


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