Our products and their features

  • Static and Dynamic Frequency Converters
  • Low and high voltage conversion
  • 50/60Hz (or other)
  • Local or movable units
  • Special design
  • Customized parameters
  • High quality
  • Robust industrial construction


COMEL is a well established company, active in industrial automation and electrotechnical sector since 1990. Our flagship products ? COMEL frequency converters 50/60 Hz for shore to ship power supply ? have earned the reputation of a reliable, custom built solution. We can design, supply and supervise complete energy conversion systems, including Cold Ironing projects and submarine battery chargers.


Our projects

Today, the equipment of our make can be found not only in shipyards and ports, but at various industrial production sites as well. In the field of power electronics, Comel co-operates with Maritime Academy in Gdynia. We supply also low power rotary converters used for simulating ships' energy systems by scientists and system developers.


Please find below a reference list of frequency converters made by COMEL.


No. Type Date Power Customer Specification
1 COMEL 1 1993 250kVA "Remontowa" Shipyard SA 400V 50Hz / 440V 60Hz
2 COMEL 00 1993 250kVA Gdansk Shipyard 400V 50Hz / 440V 60Hz
3 COMEL 2 1994 250kVA Szczecin Shipyard 400V 50Hz / 440V 60Hz
4 COMEL 31 1995 250kVA Szczecin Shipyard 400V 50Hz / 440V 60Hz
5 COMEL 32 1995 250kVA Naval Shipyard Gdynia 400V 50Hz / 440V 60Hz
6 COMEL 60 1999 2 x 750kVA Naval Shipyard Gdynia 15/0,69kV 50Hz / 440V 60Hz
7 COMEL 300 2005 300kVA "Remontowa" Shipyard SA  400V 50Hz / 440V 60Hz
8 COMEL 301 2005 300kVA "Remontowa" Shipyard SA  400V 50Hz / 440V 60Hz
9 COMEL 200S 2007 200kVA Nauta Shiprepair Yard  400V 50Hz / 440V 60Hz
 10 DELPHI 2009 300kVA DELPHI Poland 400V 50Hz / 440V 60Hz
11 ER 2009


3 x 10kVA

Sikorsky Mielec 3 x 115/208V 400Hz
12 AM 2009 20kVA Gdynia Maritime University 400V 50Hz / 440V 60Hz
13 COMEL DC1 2010 200kW Nauta Shiprepair Yard 400V 50Hz / 250V 360VDC
 14 COMEL 1000 2012-2013 1000kVA Nauta Shiprepair Yard

6,3kV 50Hz / 6,3kV 60Hz

Terminal 6,3kV /690V /440V 500kVA 60Hz

15 COMEL015 2014 2 x 15kVA HG Solutions

400V 50Hz / 440V 60Hz

16 COMEL 400S 2014 400kVA Nauta Shiprepair Yard

400V 50Hz / 440V 60Hz

17 COMEL 1000S 2014 400kVA Nauta Shiprepair Yard

400V 50Hz / 440V 60Hz

18 RL 20S 2015 20kVA CTM 400V 50Hz / 230V 60Hz
19 COMEL 100S 2015 100kVA CTM 400V 50Hz / 440V 60Hz


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