LUMEL RE62 - new regulator

RE62 controller is designed to control temperature and other physical parameters (pressure, humidity, level, etc.). It is used in cabinets for telecommunications, plastics industry, food industry and dehydration.
Thanks to the modular housing RE62 meets the requirements for equipment mounted in cabinets.
The controller stands out thanks to its modern graphical OLED display that provides a good visualization of the process, high contrast and wide viewing angle.
Characteristics RE62

? universal input for resistance thermometers, thermocouples or standard signals.
? the type of regulation: two-state by the innovative SMART PID algorithm (guarantees very high accuracy), on-off and alarm signaling
? 3 outputs depending on the version:
     ?max 3 x relay
     ?max 2 x binary for SSR
     ?max 1 x analog
     ?max 1 x power supply output for transducers 24 V DC
? RS485 interface with MODBUS protocol (optional)
? configuration parameters from the keyboard (or optional RS485) and free program eCon
? modular housing according to DIN EN 62208 (controller has a width of 3 modules)
? universal power supply 22 ... A.c 60V / 60V D. C 20 ... or 60 ... 253V A.c / 60 ... 300 V, D.C.
? dimensions: 53 x 110 x 60,5mm

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