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  • Amendment of COMEL Legal Address and Name

Amendment of COMEL Legal Address and Name

Since 05 November 2020 COMEL headquarters' legal address and name have been amended.

New name and registered address:

COMEL Sp. z o.o.
ul. Orlowska 49C,
81-522 Gdynia,

All other company details are unchanged: business (branch) addresses, company bank accounts, company websites, email addresses. register numbers KRS 0000080677 VAT EU PL5840201370 REGON 002830540

Re.: Amendment of COMEL headquarters and name
On 05 November 2020 Registry court entered  amended COMEL legal information into Commercial Register KRS (KRS 0000080677). These changes took effect on that date.
The changes are as follows:
1) change of company legal name
- we have removed the beginning phrase Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjno-Handlowe and quotation marks surrounding COMEL. This change simplifies company identification.
2) change od company headquarters
- the company headquarters has been moved from our location in Gdansk to our location in Gdynia. This change reflects the actual situation, because the management of the company and its administration unit are based in Gdynia. The previous headquarters in Gdansk has been turned into a COMEL branch office.
- current full business name of our company
COMEL Spolka z ograniczona odpowiedzialnoscia [with headquarters in Gdynia]
(short forms may be used: COMEL Spolka z o.o. or COMEL Sp. z o.o.)
- current address of COMEL headquarters (legal address)
ul. Orlowska 49C,
81-522 Gdynia,

- in addition the company runs two registered branch offices
1) COMEL Sp. z o.o. Branch office in Gdansk
ul. Kochanowskiego 130E,
80-405 Gdansk,

2) COMEL Sp. z o.o. Branch office in Rumia
ul. Dabrowskiego 38,
84-230 Rumia,

The described changes do not affect the functioning of COMEL. Both the management board of the company and the ownership composition have not changed. The company COMEL Sp. z o.o. with its seat in Gdynia (KRS 0000080677 NIP 584-020-13-70 REGON 002830540) from November 5, 2020, is the same legal entity as Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjno-Handlowe "COMEL" Sp. z o.o. until 04/11/2020. The Company's bank accounts, website addresses and e-mail address remain unchanged. All concluded contracts remain in force.