Shore to Ship Frequency Converter 1000kVA - for Sale or for Rent

We offer for sale or for long-term rent our 50/60Hz rotary frequency converter  2 x 500kVA, used for supplying power to ships in ports or shipyards. The converter guarantees stable parameters of electrical energy it supplies. Thanks to its high efficiency the investment may have a very short payback time of less than a year!

Contrary to diesel gensets, the converter doesn't emit any harmful exhaust gases, doesn't require any regular fuel provision, may work without interruption 24/7 for weeks.

The rotary machine is built into a 40-foot standard marine contaniner, what permits a comfortable transport to almost any chosen location.

The system as proposed consists of a rotary converter set 50/60Hz made of a synchronous motor and a synchronous generator. The unit is powered from a medium voltage shore-based grid 6,3kV 50Hz. At the output, there are two independent 6,3kV 60Hz sockets capable of delivering 500kVA electric power each. The medium voltage allows us to transfer the electric energy over larger distances (5-6 kilometers) without excessive power loss.  A transformer terminal can be connected to each of the output sockets, stepping down the voltage to the nominal working voltage passed over to vessel: either 440V or 690V. The transformer terminal is of limited size so that it can fit easily into a small space at a pier or be placed on ship's deck.

The great advantage of machine converters is their simple mechanical design. In demanding shipyard conditions (high dustiness, conductive dust, humidity, temperature changes, frequent moving of machines), it is very difficult to ensure cleanliness of the cooling air for working devices and to protect them against wear or even damage. Compared to power electronic converters, machine solutions are durable and almost maintenance free.

The offered configuration additionally allows positioning the container with the converter far away from the power consumption points, and creating a specific 60 Hz power supply network to support one, two or many distant piers (in the latter solution only a larger number of 6.3 kV cable connections should be provided, the terminals themselves can be easily moved).

Currently COMEL1000 converter is rented to one of Polish shipyards, and frequently used for shore to ship power supply. It requires very little of our attention. Only one terminal 500kVA has been built so the converter works at maximum 50% of its capacity. If necessary, the second terminal could be manufactured in a few weeks' time. For more information - please contact us.